AI Sole System - build your own

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Introducing the new Active Imprints Sole System. Our innovative performance insoles with adaptable, modular wedges allow you to personally customize your footbed to match your footstrike and your individual walking or running style. In fact, no matter what you're doing on two feet, the AI Sole System will help you perform at a higher level with maximum comfort, greater balance and improved efficiency.

Just peel and stick the parts to balance your feet.

Anti-microbial, anti friction topcover. No stinky insoles. No hot spots.

Highly resilient EVA foam for maximum shock absorption. Anti-microbial and recyclable.

Firm foam to add stability, cradling in the heel, protection to the ball of the foot.

Wedges are designed to peel and stick to add support and balance in both your rearfoot and forefoot.

Forefoot 5 finger wedge is designed to cut to customize the forefoot support your foot needs.
Cut, peel, and stick.

Watch this video to determine your foot type and discover which pattern will work best for you.

Watch to see how to size and build your modular performance insoles.

If you have any questions or need help determining your foot-type, take 4 photos of your feet, email them to us, and we will build the insole for you.

1) Photo standing barefoot - feet shoulder width apart, legs straight, front view.

2) Photo standing barefoot - feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, front view.

3) Photo standing barefoot - feet shoulder width apart , knees bent, back view.

4) Top view of feet - barefoot.

If you would like to send a short video of you walking barefoot away and toward the camera, that also helps. 

Please send photos/video to or text to 303-494-0321.