R3 Foot Roller by Roll Recovery

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After a year of design exploration of working with therapists and elite athletes, the R3™ concept was born. The R3™ Orthopedic Foot Roller is designed to target specific areas of the foot to stretch the plantar fascia and intrinsic foot muscles to reduce soreness from tired feet. The unique, non-symmetrical shape of the R3™ was designed to focus pressure on the inner, middle and outer parts of the foot. Discover all the ways to use the R3™ on feet and other parts of the body.

• Shaped to target different areas of the Plantar Fascia.
• Captures the inside, outside and center of the foot.
• Firm and stable while applying full body weight
• Non-slip and works over any surface.
• Compact, lightweight makes the R3 easy to travel.
• Works great as small compact body roller.

• FDA Registered Medical Device
• Dimensions: 5.5” x 2.5” x 2.5” (14cm x 6.4cm x 6.4cm)
• + Box Dimensions: 8” x 5” x 4” (20.3cm x 12.7cm x 10.2cm) Weight: 0.875 lbs (.40kg)
• + Box Weight: 1lbs (.45kg)
• Body: TPU soft-touch material
• Core: Engineered ABS core