About Us

Active Imprints was established in 1988 in Boulder, CO by running duo Danny and Jennifer Abshire. Danny is a leading innovator in the world of running footwear and custom orthotics. As a devoted lifelong runner and self-taught footwear guru, Danny is an expert in running form and coaching. Through his experience he has identified shortcomings in the running footwear market.

Since the inception of Active Imprints in 1988, Danny and Jennifer have helped thousands of people with their custom-fitted orthotics, from world class athletes to customers looking for everyday comfort. Danny and Jennifer strive to improve comfort,athletic performance, injury prevention and relief through proper biomechanics and running /walking form.

Danny also co-founded Newton Running Company, wrote the acclaimed running book, Natural Running, and launched his new footwear line, ACTIVE88 specializing in light-weight, low profile shoes for running and everyday wear.














Danny and Jennifer share their experience and knowledge by traveling the country and coaching runners on their form and technique. They also work by appointment in Boulder, CO for personalized gait evaluation, custom orthotic fitting as well as selling their ACTIVE88 footwear line. 

Please contact Danny and Jennifer at 303-494-0321 or activeimprintsinc@gmail.com to schedule an onsite appointment or request a mail order kit to fit your custom orthotics. 

For Natural Running Form Coaching please contact danny@activeimprintsco.com to schedule a private session.