Custom Molded Insoles

Our range of orthotics and inserts are custom molded for your feet.  From Mount Everest to Death Valley, Active Imprints has been helping people achieve their goals and dreams through better comfort and performance.  Whether you are walking your dog, running a marathon or competing in an Ironman Triathlon, we have the experience and expertise to keep you active and pain free.  For a personalize fitting and foot analysis appointment in Boulder, CO or to order a mail order molding kit,  please call (303) 494-0321 or email us at 



An orthotic designed for everyday wear and  activities such as running, walking, and hiking  providing extra support , comfort and balance.  Ideal for people with plantar fasciitis, knee, hip or back pain,  neuromas, achilles pain or general foot discomfort. 


A custom molded full length orthotic  designed for cycling shoes. Our rearfoot through forefoot  stabilization  enhances comfort, performance, balance and power. 


 A low volume custom orthotic designed for dress shoes for both men and women who need extra arch support and comfort in dress shoes.


Allows you to adjust your shoe fit to your personal needs.