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An orthotic custom molded and designed for everyday activities providing extra support, comfort and balance.  If you suffer from heel pain,plantar fasciitis, knee pain, fallen arches, shin splints, metatarsal or bunion pain , we can help.  Our custom orthotics  distribute your body weight to relieve pain, improve your alignment and enhance comfort and balance.  

 Looking for the lightest custom race orthotic on the market?  Our custom race orthotic weights about the same as the liner that comes in your stock shoe. 

Balance = POWER.  Power = SPEED  Active Imprints Orthotics = HAPPINESS

Since 1988, Active Imprints has been engineering custom orthotics molded and hand fabricated to provide support, alignment and cushioning allowing your body to move naturally and efficiently minimizing undue stress, pain, over-pronation or supination.  

Prevent injury, enhance performance and improve your daily comfort with Active Imprints custom orthotics.  

We have 2 methods to work with you.  If you live in the Boulder area, come visit us in our retail location. We analyze your feet and gait, take a direct mold of your feet, and fabricate the orthotics onsite. 

Not in Boulder! No problem.  We have a mail order kit we mail to you, you step into the foam impression kit, send it back and we make a plaster cast and we mold and fabricate your custom orthotics.  We will call you to get the information we need and request photos of your feet if needed.  able in Boulder, CO,  please call 303-494-0321. 

Mail order kit available to be shipped anywhere in the world.  If you have questions, would like to place an order,  please call 303-494-0321 or email us at

**For more complicated orthotics, prices may vary.